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Sl.No. Panchayat Samity Name Tender Subject Form Submit Last date Tender Opening Date Click To Download
1 Raghunathpur-I Const. of Diff. Schemes under 13th FC and 3rd SFC 17-10-2014 17-10-2014
2 Neturia Construction of different development scheme under Neturia Panchayat Samity of Minority/3rd SFC/13th FC fund for the year 2014-15. 26-09-2014 26-09-2014
3 Neturia Construction of Bituminous road from Gobag ICDS Centre to Garh Panchakote Picnic site for Tourism Purpose under PUP Fund for the year 2014-15 26-09-2014 26-09-2014
4 Hura NIT NO. 6_14-15_HPS 29-09-2014 29-09-2014 Download
5 Joypur NOTICE INVITING TENDER NO:04 OF 2014-15 OF BDO/JDB 24-09-2014 24-09-2014 Download
6 Balarampur IAP TENDER FORM 17-01-2014 31-12-2020 Download